Interpretation for the Emblem of SEU:
  1. The emblem is designed by professor Zhang Daoyi from School of Arts in Southeast University.
  2. The emblem is composed of two concentric circles. The outer circle is composed of two parts. The English name “Southeast University”is on the upper half, while the Wang Xizhi style calligraphy “Zhi Yu Zhi Shan”is on the bottom half.
  3. The mainbody of the emblem is an inverted triangle, which was the shape of the school badge of SEU when is was named National Central University. The pattern inside the inverted triangle is the auditorium of Southeast University, which is located on Sipailou Campus.
  4. Beside the inverted triangle, there are three archy areas inside the inner circle.The Chinese name of the university “Dong Nan Da Xue” is located in the top arch. The year “1902”in the lower-left arch symbolizes that the history of SEU can date back to 1902, on which year Sanjiang Normal College was founded. The Chinese words of “Nanjing” in the lower-right arch represent the location of our university.
  5. The colors of the emblem are yellow and green. The outer circle and the auditorium are colored yellow, while the background color of the auditorium inside the inverted triangular is green. Yellow, a traditional Chinese color, perfectly interprets the royal breath of SEU, since it is located in the imperial palace of six dynasties and the Imperial College. The color green symbolizes the vigor of the old campus, the prime of the young university students, and the beautiful senary of our campus
 beside the towering Purple Mountains, the billowing Yangtze River and the glistening Xuanwu Lake.