The School of Life Science and Technology of Southeast University was unveiled

By 吴婵Viewed 102 2019-10-30

[Southeast University News Network, Oct. 28] (Reporter: Tang Tang, photographer: Hang Tian) On the morning of Oct. 28, the inauguration ceremony of the School of Life Science and Technology of Southeast University was held at Sipailou Campus of Southeast University. Zuo Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Southeast University, Wang Baoping, Executive Vice President, Rao Zihe, Chen Yeguang, Deng Zixin, He Lin, Li Lin and Shu Hongbing, Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Hongyang, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, heads of the School of Life Sciences of brother schools including Nanjing University and Fudan University, etc. attended the opening ceremony. Besides, principals from relevant functional departments and colleges of Southeast University as well as teachers’ and students’ representatives attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Wang Baoping.

Xie Wei, Dean of the Research Institute of Life Sciences of Southeast University, delivered a speech on behalf of the newly established School of Life Science and Technology of Southeast University. He reviewed the development history of the biology discipline of Southeast University and the status quo of the Research Institute of Life Sciences in terms of degree awarding, postdoctoral mobile stations and key discipline construction. He also indicated that the college in the futurewould focus on undergraduate education, aim at national demands and persist in the principles of cultivating “internationalized” and “individualized” talents so as to cultivate outstanding talents with international vision and patriotism.

Zuo Wei and Rao Zihe jointly unveiled the School of Life Science and Technology of Southeast University. Afterwards Zuo Wei granted the Letter of Employment to the 12 experts of the first Life Science Development Advisory Committee of Southeast University. Xie Wei, on behalf of the School of Life Science and Technology, and Wen Jian, Director of Suzhou Campus of Australia Monash University signed the SEU-Monash Cooperation Agreement on Life Science Talent Cultivation.

Wang Baoping spoke at the ceremony on behalf of the school. He said that as a pilot area for the development of life sciences at school, the Research Institute of Life Sciences has continuously explored new systems, created a scientific atmosphere and innovative culture in recent years to attract talents from all over the world. It has made important contributions to the school’s “double first-class” construction. The discipline of life sciences will be one of the key development disciplines in the coming years and also one of the most important growth points for the school’s development. On behalf of the school, Wang Baoping put forward three requirements for the college’s future construction and development: first of all, we should uphold high positioning to pursue excellence, seriously implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches, and strive to build a first-class faculty, cultivate first-class talents and work out fundamental, original and overturning first-class scientific and technological achievements. Secondly, we should enhance international exchanges to learn from advanced foreign experience in talent cultivation and strengthen the cultivation of foreign students. Thirdly, we should keep open and sharing, and carry out crossing development. The college should give full play to the school’s characteristics and background of strong engineering disciplines, enhance the combination of science and engineering, medical sciences and engineering, and strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with brother colleges. 

Guest representative Academician Rao Zihe expressed his congratulations on the establishment of the School of Life Science and Technology of Southeast University. He said that the development of life sciences is the current trend of the times. As a school highlighting profound connotations, Southeast University features a good momentum of development in terms of such disciplines as biomedical engineering, life sciences and medicine, etc.. He believed that under the great support of CPC committee and political leadership of Southeast University, Southeast University would certainly stand out among multiple institutions of higher education and develop the discipline of life sciences of Southeast University to a “top-ranking” discipline.

Academician He Lin, an outstanding alumnus, then spoke and expressed his deep feelings for Nanjing and his alma mater. He especially appreciated the alma mater for the cultivation of himself. He said that in today's complicated international situation, the Chinese especially demand quality education and medical care, and expected that the life sciences related majors of his alma mater would be developed better and better.

The 88-year-old Professor Gao Yizhi spoke on behalf of the old teachers. He reviewed the history of Bing Zhi and other preceding scholars who once founded the first biology department in China and listed multiple talents specializing in biology. He encouraged the younger generation teachers and students to continue to create new glories with hard work.

Teng Gaojun, Dean of Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University, expressed his congratulations on behalf of relevant colleges, and expected close cooperation between Zhongda Hospital and the School of Life Science and Technology to achieve common progress and new leap-forward development of the discipline of life sciences.

After the unveiling ceremony, the Life Science Development Advisory Committee of Southeast University held its first meeting.

(Editor-in-charge: Wu Chan, reviewed by: Li Xiaonan)