2019 National Science Popularization Day and Comprehensive Traffic High-end Science Popularization Seminar Was Convened at Southeast University

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[Southeast University News Network, September 22] (Correspondent: Hu Haochen, Zhou Wenna, Liu Yuxin, Wu Shuang; photographer: Wu Jun, Pei Guojiao) On September 21, 2019 National Science Popularization Day and Comprehensive Traffic High-end Science Popularization Seminar hosted by Jiangsu Comprehensive Transportation Association, co-hosted by Southeast University and Xinhua Daily Media Co., Ltd. was convened at Southeast University.

Wang Jiang, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, Shi Heping, Chairman of Jiangsu Comprehensive Transportation Association, Zuo Wei, CPC Secretary of Southeast University, Zheng Jiamao, Deputy Secretary of CPC Southeast University, Vice President Liu Pan, Wang Wei, convener of the transportation engineering disciplinary appraisal group of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee, principals from the provincial Department of Education, Department of Civil Affairs, Department of Transportation, Science Association, Students’ Affairs Office of Southeast University and School of Transportation, etc. attended this seminar. In addition, Lu Chunfang, Wu Guanghui and Sun Fengchun, academicians of Chinese Academy for Engineering were specially invited to deliver high-end science popularization report.

Wang Jiang, in his speech, said that the provincial CPC committee and the provincial government paid high attentions to transportation in the new era and considered the construction of a comprehensive transportation system as the global strategic assignment of the province. He definitely pointed out the magnificent blueprint of 2035 transportation development of Jiangsu Province. He encouraged all the young students to undertake the heavy mission granted by the times, be adept at creation, be dare to make innovation, keep ambitious and steadfast so as to make their due contributions to the nation’s great rejuvenation.

Zuo Wei, in his speech, said that Southeast University has always keeping in mind of the country in its school-running of almost 120 years. Thus the school has gradually formed its school-running philosophy of “being renowned with science and serving the country with talents” and has developed itself to be an important base for scientific and technological researches and extension. Besides, the transportation discipline of Southeast University, as the “double first-class” and A+ discipline, has cultivated a great number of high-end and leading talents for the comprehensive transportation system in China. Many alumni have made great contributions to the major national projects and key technologies, which has greatly promoted the rapid development of the transportation industry in China. He encouraged the young students to undertake the mission granted by the era, realize their dreams in the new journey of building a powerful country of transportation and undertake the heavy responsibility for national rejuvenation as soon as possible.

Shi Heping said the hope and future of transportation, as the strategic, fundamental and leading industry for national economy and social development, shall depend on the youth, especially the young college students. He expected all the young students to study hard, improve their study in an overall manner and strive to become the excellent constructors for building a powerful country and province of transportation.

Subsequently, Academician Lu Chunfang, Chairman of China Railway Society, Academician Wu Guanghui, Chief Designer of National Major Special Project C919passenger jet and Deputy General Manager of China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd., Academician Sun Fengchun, Professor of Beijing Institute of Technology, delivered the keynote speeches respectively titled “Study on Super High-Speed Rail”, “China Dream, Big Airplane Dream” and “New Energy Automobile and Big Data Technology”.

During the seminar, the awarding ceremony of 2019 College Students' Transportation Science Popularization Works Competition was held. Student Li Xuchen’s works titled “Road to the Sea” from the School of Transportation of Southeast University won the first prize for science photography. Students Che Chi, Zhao Jiayue, Sheng Yinan and Yang Shuai’s works titled “Way Back Home” from the School of Transportation won the second prize for science popularization video. Student Li Yanmeng’s works titled “Smart Transportation” from the School of Art won the third prize for graphic design.  

Submitted by: the School of Transportation

(Editor-in-charge: Zhai Mengjie, reviewed by: Song Yechun)