Southeast University Convened the Celebration Conference of the 35th Teachers’ Day

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[Southeast University News Network, September 10] (Reporter: Wu Hanyu; photographer: Hang Tian) On September 10, on the occasion of the 35th Teachers’ Day, Southeast University convened a celebration conference at the lecture hall of Jizhong Building, Jiulonghu Campus. School leaders including Zuo Wei, Zhang Guangjun, Zheng Jiamao, Ren Lijian, Huang Dawei, Jin Baosheng, Liu Pan, former school leaders, representatives of distinguished professors engaged in the “Changjiang Scholars Program”, renowned teachers representatives above the provincial level, representatives of the award winners at the national, provincial and ministerial levels, teachers' representatives, representatives of the National People's Congress and CPPCC members, representatives of the democratic parties, representatives of the executive committee of the school teachers congress, all units and departments as well as students’ representatives, etc. attended the celebration conference. The conference was presided over by Zheng Jiamao, Deputy Secretary of the school’s CPC Committee.

President Zhang Guangjun addressed at the conference.

President and Academician Zhang Guangjun, delivered a speech at the conference titled “Establish the Morality and Cast the Teacher’s Spirit to Cultivate Talents for the Country”. He firstly extended his festival greetings and heartfelt blessings to the faculty and employees, the retired teachers, the former leaders and the veteran comrades on behalf of the school. He reviewed the new achievements as made in the course of the school’s reform and development regarding the talent training, the construction of teachers’ team, the scientific researches, the discipline construction, the international cooperation, the construction of a “Beautiful Southeast University” and the cooperation between the school and local places in the previous year under the efforts of all teachers. He further emphasized that all these progress, gains and achievements cannot be made without the wisdom and sweat of all teachers.

Zhang Guangjun said that the world today is undergoing a major change unprecedented in the past century, which is characterized by accelerated new technological and industrial revolution, accumulated new growth incentive, and even more prominence of the basic, leading and overall status and role of education. The talents have been further deemed as the strategic resources to promote economic and social progress. Southeast University, as one of the first batch of “double first-class” universities of Class A in China to become the world first-class school, deeply feels its heavy responsibility and honorable mission. Thus it is actively implementing its fundamental assignment of “establishing morality and cultivating talents”, commits itself to cultivating the first-class leading talents and deepening its strategy implementation of “strengthening the school by talents”, and accelerating its “double first-class” construction and connotative high-quality development.

Zhang Guangjun emphasized that the teachers should be deemed as the foundation of education and the source of flourishing education. The current mission of building a socialist modernization power with Chinese characteristics has put forward new and higher requirements on the construction of the teaching staff. He quoted General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech at the National Education Conference and the Teachers’ Symposium about the ideology and politics theory classes in school to encourage all the teachers and put forward three expectations. Firstly, all the teachers should strengthen the ideals and beliefs, and establish a higher scope of vision. It is hoped that all the teachers could adhere to the socialist school-running direction, inherit Southeast University’s great ambition of “serving the country with talents”, and keep in mind the aspiration of cultivating talents for the nation so as to upgrade their profession of education to a lofty cause for the national rejuvenation. Secondly, all the teachers should carry forward the noble teacher’s ethics to became the “Mr. Master”. It is hoped that all the teachers could take the lead in promoting socialist morality and traditional Chinese virtues, influence and motivate students with their exemplary behaviors, make unremitting efforts to pursue perfection and strive to become the “Mr. Master” respected by students sincerely. Thirdly, all the teachers should persist in innovation to achieve great academic accomplishments. It is hoped that all the teachers could adhere to the school’s spirit of “becoming renowned with science, dare to seek innovation in study, seize thecommanding height of technological competition and future development, and indeed pass on the “golden key” to the students to open the scientific palace.

Finally, Zhang Guangjun called on everyone to keep in mind the “initial aspiration” of serving the country with education and undertake the “mission” of talent education with joint efforts, get closely united around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core and strive to create a new situation of deepening the reform of the teachers’ team in an all-round way. Meanwhile, unremitting efforts shall be made to establish a high-quality, professional and innovative teachers’ team to the satisfaction of the Party and the people, which may make it possible to realize the Southeast University’s “1-10-100” dream and “two-centennial” objectives.

Prof. Song Ai’guo, the teacher’s representative addressed at the conference.

Student Li Bowen, the student’s representative addressed at the conference.

Prof. Song Ai’guo, the teacher’s representation, Dean of the School of Instrument Science and Engineering, depicted the mission and responsibility, dreams and struggles of being a teacher; emphasized that the teachers should highlight good moral qualities and concern the students with profound knowledge and generous love; the teachers should continuously improve their academic and scientific research capabilities, dare to innovate and strive for progress. Student Li Bowen, the student’s representative from the School of Mechanical Engineering expressed his appreciations and respect to all the teachers on behalf of all the students, and also extended his festival greetings.

Deputy Secretary Zheng Jiamao presided over the conference.

Vice President Jin Baosheng announced the list of winners.

At the conference, Vice President Jin Baosheng announced the namelist of advanced person, the winners of national, provincial and ministerial awards. Then the school leaders presentedthe awards to the winners.

Finally, Song Ai’guo led the newly-employed teachers to take the oath. The conference ended in the sound of Southeast University’s School Anthem.

(Editor-in-charge: Tang Tang, reviewed by: Song Xiaoyan)