Dean Song Aiguo from College of Instrument Science and Engineering Delivers A Lecture on “Invisible Wings of the Development of Human Civilization”

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Speaker: Song Aiguo (Dean, professor, PhD supervisor at the College of Instrument Science and Engineering)

Theme: Invisible Wings of the Development of Human Civilization---Instrument Science and Technology   

When: 18:30p.m, March 21 (Thursday)

Where:J6-201, Jiulonghu Campus   

Hosted by: Chien-shiung Wu College of Southeast University

About the speaker:

Professor Song Aiguo is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor at the College of Instrument Science and Engineering. He is serving as Director of the Key Laboratory of Remote Measurement and Control Technology of Jiangsu Province and Director of the Institute of Robot Sensing and Control Technology. Up to now, he has presided over 45 major projects including national key R&D projects, National 973 Program, National 863 High-tech Program, key projects and general projects sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation, Manned Space Mission 921 Pre-research Project, etc.. He once visited the Laboratory for Intelligent Mechanical System of Northwestern University. Besides, he won the second prize for National Technology Invention as the first person-in-charge, two first prizes for technical invention by the Ministry of Education and two first prizes for science and technology progress of Jiangsu Province. Up to now, he has published more than 280 academic papers, including more than 160 SCI papers, more than 1,500 SCI papers, more than 100 invention patents granted, and drafted 4 standards for national special robot. He was awarded “Top Ten Outstanding Inventor Award of Jiangsu Province”, the “First Innovation Pioneer Medal of Jiangsu Province”, and the “Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions in Jiangsu Province”. Professor Song Aiguo is the winner of National Outstanding Youth Fund, the winner of China Youth Science and Technology Award, the winner of Young College Teacher Award of the Ministry of Education, National Outstanding Science and Technology Worker, renowned national teacher for “Tens of Thousands of Talents Program”, and the national candidate for “New Century Millions of Talents Program”, Distinguished Professor of Jiangsu Province and Chief Professor of Southeast University. He is a member of the Scientific Application and Research Experts Committee of China's Circumlunar Exploration Program under National Defense Science and Technology Commission, a member of theManned Lunar-Landing Major Special Projects of the General Armament Department (GAD), an expert of the pre-research expert team for manned space technology of GAD, and a member of the National Special Robotics Standards Committee. Besides, he won 2 second prizes for national teaching achievements as the first person-in-charge, 1 provincial special prize, 2 first prizes and 1 second prize for teaching achievements.


Reasons for recommendation:

    Professor Song Aiguo has devoted great attentions to teaching and education. He has guided students to achieve outstanding results in the national college students' “Challenge Cup” contest and the national college robot innovation competition for over decade. In this issue, Professor Song Aiguo was invited to introduce the professional disciplines available at the College of Instrument Science and Engineering, answer the students’ questions and inspiri everyone to find their future interests.