Stories of International Students

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Faisal: I'm striving for my PhD Degree

 Shah Faisal Khan is a 28-year-old boy from Pakistan. Majoring in Electrical Engineering, he has spent more than 2 years in Southeast University. In the year 2017, he successfully completed his Master Degree from School of Electrical Engineering, and he is currently enrolled in PhD Program of Electrical Engineering.

      What motivated you to study in China?

After Graduation in my country I worked as an engineer in Power Generating Plant which was constructed by Chinese engineers which inspired me from the skills of Chinese engineers. Later on I worked in another corporation under Power Plant where Chinese engineers were working and I became acquainted with them and inspired from their hard work. I got information that Chinese universities offer opportunities for foreign students who can do research in English, so I applied for admission and got admitted in Southeast University.

   Why did your choice fall on the Southeast University?

I was searching for best universities which have good ranking in china and as well in the world, so related to my major I found Southeast University and checked its history which was very impressive and a lot of successful people graduated from this university. So I decided to apply here for admission. It is one of the leading universities in china and related to my major it’s very good.

      Did you encounter any challenges while studying? If yes, how did you manage to overcome it?

The biggest challenge for me is language problem, some classes related to my major was in Chinese and it was very hard to understand but my Chinese friends and lab mates always helped me in such regards to find  anything related to the course in English. And now I am trying my best to learn the Chinese language to overcome this challenge.

      Can you share your academic and non-academic experience in Southeast University?

As I came to china it was hard for me to adjust with Chinese routine schedule, and I found my lab mates were very hard working and mostly spent their time in lab. Gradually I adjust my routine and now it's normal routine for me like Chinese students. Beside my research work I am a very active person in sport activities, I play football, cricket, badminton and I am a good athlete. I like martial arts specially Kung Fu, in my free time I mostly do cycling and running. I like visiting different places and I visited many cities in China..

What would you recommend to other foreign students willing to come to China?

I would recommend to those students who are willing to come to china that first you have to learn Chinese language and must know about Chinese Culture. And you need to follow the rules and regulations of University and Government as well. And adopt your daily life like Chinese students to achieve your goal.


How does education in China and in Southeast University fit in your career and life


Well the Knowledge which I gain here is very fruitful and satisfying for me in my career and life perspectives because China is leading in technologies and my major is one of them. This knowledge will lead me to a successful future very soon and what I learn in china I will share it with others who can get benefit from this.

Alex: SEU Make My Life Blossom

My name is Alexandra Pozhidaeva. I am 19. I come from RussiaNow I am a second year undergraduate student in Chinese language and Literature major at Southeast University.

When I was in high school, I decided to take on the challenge of learning Chinese and enroll for evening classes in Confucius Institute at Novosibirsk State Technical University. After a year of studying, I had a chance of going to the summer camp of Confucius Institute located in Dalian, ChinaDuring my stay in Dalian I realized that I would like to pursue my higher education in China. After I took part and won in the national Chinese language competition for school students - “Chinese Bridge” - I was sure that Chinese language and literature will be my major in university.  


I chose Southeast University because it is an university with a great reputation and history. Moreover, it has a high ranking among Chinese universities and is located in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province. Nanjing with its long history and unique lifestyle is a perfect place for learning Chinese culture and language. In the meantime, it is a large and modern city with developed infrastructure. After watchedsome photos, videos and read some information about Southeast University, I knew that as much as I wish to come to China, I wish to be a student of this great University.


I was quite impressed by Southeast University before I came here, and still this university managed to exceed my expectations after arrival. It is not just a prestigious school, it has become my home where I found soul mates among Chinese and international students and met many honorable professors. I strongly believe that my main treasure in Southeast University is the people I met here.

The campus I live in is often called Jiulonghu Kingdom by students, because it is like an unique magical world where we have everything we need and even more. I am truly impressed by its picturesque environment and developed infrastructure. There are not a lot of universities in the world that have self-driving buses, or where students can walk under a fascinating ceiling in the teaching building that reminds a sky full of stars shining during days and nights. My life here is so special and convenient, and I really appreciate it.


The greatest thing about our university is the opportunities we have here. We can do anything that we can think of. Since the very beginning of my study, I have had a meaningful and fruitful university life full of hobbies and adventures. For example, during the first year I became a member of SEU TV student union, SEU Supporting Education student union, student science research union, student union of communication with international students, table tennis sport union, I was the host of the New Year concert, and the winner of the SEU Chinese Bridge competition and a few reciting poems contestsI also perfomed in Chinese dramaChien-shiung Wu, I was a guest in nine programs on the Jiangsu TV show Sense and had many other unforgettable events.

I am sure that the knowledge and experience gained in Southeast University will help me realize my potential and achieve my goals in the future.