Name Responsibilities Telephone Director
The President's Office Secretarial, clerical affairs; general affairs; statistics 83792215 52090033 Huang Dawei
Office for International Cooperation International exchanges and cooperation; employment and management of international faculty;Foreign students enrollment 83792412 52090195 Shi Lanxin
The Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan Affairs Office Exchanges and cooperation with universities in Hong Kong ,Macao & Taiwan 83792412 52090195 Shi Lanxin
Office of Academic Affairs Teaching affairs, courses, textbooks, teaching research and degrees for full- time bachelor's 83792218 52090216 Jiang Jianqin
The Graduate School Management for Graduate Students 83792485 52090202 Hu Mingqiang
The Student Affairs Office Enrollment, employment, scholarships, and management for full-time bachelor's 83792451 52090279 Liu Hongjian
The Science and Technology Office Supervision of research projects in natural sciences, academic achievements, research organizations and training bases, academic exchanges, research and development, and patents 83792319 52090240 Li Jianqin
The Personnel Management Department Management of personnel, workforce, faculty and promotion 83795113 52090261 Wang Baoping

Southeast University