Yangtze Delta Economic and Cultural Camp for Hong Kong Young Students Held in SEU


Yangtze Delta Economic and Cultural Camp for Hong Kong Young Students was held in SEU, which lasted from June 1st to June 6th . The delegation of the camp, which included 31 middle school students, college students, a member of Hok Yau Club and two Consultants, was led by Deng Yongjun, Chairman of Hong Kong Hok Yau Club.
During the 7-day exchange, SEU organized visits to Sipailou campus and Jiulong Lake campus, and held symposiums on the economic and cultural history of Yangtze Delta with students from SEU for the delegation. In addition, interviews in Nanjing, Suzhou and Shanghai were also arranged in order to promote an in-depth study of the economic and cultural history of Yangtze Delta. Mr. Deng Yongjun, the Chairman, expressed great gratitude for warm receptions on the part of SEU and sincerely invited 12 teachers and students from SEU to visit Hong Kong in August for mutual exchange.