Ceremony of Inviting Andreas Hierlemann as Guest Professor of Southeast University

By 吴婵Viewed 83 2018-07-30

In the afternoon of July 13, the ceremony of granting Professor Andreas Hierlemann from the Department of Bio-system Science and Engineering, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, as Guest Professor of Southeast University was convened and the academic report was delivered at the Auditorium, F/2, Sipailou Campus. The ceremony was presided over by Professor Wang Zhuyuan, Associate Dean of the School of Electronic Science and Engineering. Professor Wu Gang, Vice President of Southeast University, and representatives of teachers and students from the School of Electronic Science and Engineering attended the ceremony.

Vice President Wu Gang first delivered a speech and expressed his gratitude to Professor Andreas Hierlemann for his appointment as Guest Professor of Southeast University. He highly appraised Professor Andreas Hierlemann's research achievements and expected him to provide precious scientific research experience and novel academic thoughts in terms of interdisciplinary construction such as microelectronic integrated circuits, MEMS sensors and biomedicine, etc.. so as to further promote in-depth cooperation between Southeast University and ETH Zurich.

Vice President Wu Gang presented the Certificate of Guest Professor to Professor Andreas Hierlemann on behalf of Southeast University. Professor Andreas Hierlemann said that he felt honoured to be a Guest Professor of Southeast University and would continue to make contributions to the academic exchange and cooperation between Southeast University and ETH Zurich.

After the ceremony, Professor Andreas Hierlemann delivered a wonderful academic report titled “Direct interfacing of CMOS microelectronics with neuronal ensembles” to the teachers and students.

Professor Andreas Hierlemann's scientific research is rooted in chemistry, physics and electrical engineering based on the utilization of microelectronic integrated circuit, micro-nano advanced manufacturing, MEMS, microfluidics and other technologies to solve problems in biology and medicine. The specific application fields cover chemical sensing, system biology, pharmacy, personalized precise treatment, tissue engineering and neuroscience. Professor Andreas Hierlemann has made remarkable achievements in interdisciplinary fields and published more than 400 papers which have been cited by more than 9,000 times with H-index of 49, including 8 papers on Nature, Nature Neuroscience, Nature Communications, Chemical Reviews, Angew. Chem., Advanced Materials, Neuron and IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, the most authoritative journal in the field of microelectronics integrated circuits, 8 papers on IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC). At the same time, Professor Andreas Hierlemann has also made profound achievements in the combination of production, study and research. The companies incubated by his scientific research projects include the internationally renowned MEMS sensor company: SENSIRION and the electronic instrument company: Zurich Instruments.