Professor Pol D. Spanos from Rice University, Academician of the National Academy of Engineering Visited Southeast University

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In the afternoon of June 25, Pol D. Spanos, Academician of the National Academy of Engineering, Academician of American Academy of Arts and Sciences and professor of U. S. Rice University, visited Southeast University. Wu Gang, Vice President of Southeast University, met with Professor Spanos at Jiulonghu Campus. Meanwhile, relevant principals of the International Cooperation Office, the Graduate School, the Academic Affairs Office, the Scientific Research Institute, the Civil Engineering College, the School of Transportation and ITS Centre attended the meeting.

Vice President Wu Gang firstly welcomed Professor Spanos for his visit and briefly introduced the history and development of the school. Subsequently, Vice President Wu Gang put forward three suggestions on the cooperation between both universities: first of all, both parties were expected to develop diversified cooperation in terms of advantageous disciplines of mutual interest based on preponderant disciplines of both universities; secondly, the student exchanges and joint cultivation programs were encouraged between both universities, such as student exchange programs with mutual recognition of credits and summer camps, etc.; thirdly, scientific research cooperation would be enhanced. Both parties shall carry out joint researches on major basic theories and core & key technologies, and jointly apply for scientific research projects supported by the governments in both countries. Professor Spanos expressed his appreciations to Southeast University and Vice President Wu Gang for their hospitality and arrangement. He expected to establish a long-term and friendly cooperation relationship with Southeast University. He believed that the cooperation between both parties would surely promote the cultivation of high-quality leading talents with international influence. At the same time, both parties agreed to select a certain number of graduate students from Southeast University for exchange and study at Professor Spanos’ laboratory as soon as possible and thus initiate the first step of cooperation between both parties. Afterwards relevant department principals carried out sufficient communication and discussion with Professor Spanos in respect of student exchange, joint cultivation and dual degree programs, etc..

During the visit, Professor Pol D. Spanos was also invited to give a lecture titled “Joint Time - Frequency Analysis in Structural Dynamics” to the teachers and students of the School of Civil Engineering and the School of Transportation. After the academic report, Professor Spanos visited the Civil Engineering Laboratory and the Laboratory of the School of Transportation at Jiulonghu Campus, accompanied by principals of the School of Civil Engineering, the School of Transportation and the ITS Centre Laboratory. Professor Spanos thus conducted in-depth discussions with relevant teachers in terms of experimental development and laboratory construction.

Rice University is a world-renowned private research university, a member of the American Association of Universities (AAU) and one of the New Ivy League renowned schools. In 2017-2018 USNews, it was ranked at the 14thplace in the United States and the 89thplace in respect of QS.

Professor Pol D. Spanos, Academician of the National Academy of Engineering, Academician of American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a foreign academician of the European Academy of Sciences, Changjiang Scholar Chair Professor of the Ministry of Education and the only recipient of “International Science and Technology Cooperation Award of the People’s Republic of China” as a foreign scientist in the field of engineering in 2017, enjoys very high academic status in the fields of international civil engineering and mechanical engineering. Besides, he has systematically studied and developed the equivalent linearization method regarding nonlinear random vibration, which has exerted significant impacts in the international academic community. Moreover, Professor Spanos has established long-term cooperation and friendship with Academician Huang Wei of our school. Upon the introduction and invitation of Academician Huang Wei, Professor Spanos visited our school, which will lay a sound foundation for the comprehensive cooperation between our school and Rice University.