Southeast University Held the Celebration Ceremony of Its 116th Anniversary

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On the morning of June 6, Southeast University convened the celebration ceremony of its 116th anniversary at Jiao Tinbiao Venue, Jiulonghu Campus. Zuo Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee, President Zhang Guangjun, Guo Guangyin, former Party Secretary of Southeast University, Chen Wannian, former Party Secretary of Southeast University, former Director of Jiangsu Provincial Education Commission and Secretary of the Education Working Committee, Mr. Qian Dongyu, excellent alumnus and Chairman of Watech Industrial Co., Ltd., Mr. Wang Baoping, Zheng Jiamao, Ren Lijian, Ding Hui, Huang Dawei, Wu Gang, Jin Baosheng, Zhou Youyong and other school leaders and representatives of former school leaders, principals of the alumni associations at all places, representatives of the companies who have set up fellowship and scholarship at our school, experts involved in the “Thousand Talents Program” and the “Ten-thousand Talents Program”, representatives of Changjiang Scholars, principals of various departments, sections and offices of the university's institutions, principals in charge of the Party and political affairs of various departments, principals of democratic parties and the Federation of Returned Overseas, teacher representatives, representatives of the government offices andstudent representatives gathered together to welcome the 116th anniversary of Southeast University, which exactly coincided with the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up and also the 30th anniversary of the name changed to Southeast University. Alumni and teacher representatives enrolled in 1988 were specially invited to participate in the celebration to share their feelings about the development of their alma mater.

Zuo Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Southeast University, presided over the ceremony. Before the commencement of the ceremony, the propaganda film:How Wonderful Southeast University Is, as produced by the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Southeast University, was broadcasted to memorize the 116th anniversary. The ceremony then commenced with the national anthem of the People's Republic of China in the audience.

 President Zhang Guangjun addressed the celebration report titled “Sharing New Mission and Building the Dream of Southeast University Together”. He firstly delivered his welcome and appreciations to all leaders and friends from all walks of life for their long-term concern and support of the school’s development, and extended his great respects and sincere wishes to all teachers, students, employees, retired leaders and comrades as well as the vast alumni both at home and abroad. In his speech, President Zhang recalled the struggles of Southeast University in its 116-year history and stressed that Southeast University has been an important witness, leader and pioneer in rejuvenating and strengthening China's modern and contemporary higher education. Afterwards, President Zhang reviewed the 30-year development history after the school’s name changed to Southeast University. As he said, in the development for 30 years, Southeast University has not only inherited the centennial tradition of developing itself to a comprehensive university, but also composed a new chapter of devoting itself to the country’s undertaking of reform and opening up as well as the development of higher education in China. Then President Zhang proposed all the people present to extend their highest tributes and sincerest appreciations, with warm applauses, to the former Secretary Liu Zhongde and the former President Wei Yu as well as all previous leaders, teachers, students and alumni for their historic contributions to the university in the past 30 years upon its name change.

President Zhang said that remembering the history was to create the future in a better manner. Standing at this significant historical node in 2018, we shall always maintain alert when we were filled with pride and enthusiasm and face the future straightforwardly while shouldering heavy responsibilities. He pointed out, in the past year, Southeast University was confronted with both opportunities and challenges, therefore, we’ve made achievements while many problems were still available. Specifically speaking,we’ve achieved favourable results in talent cultivation, establishment of the teacher’s team, discipline construction, scientific researches, international cooperation and provision of services to the society, etc.; in the meantime, the university was still confronted with severe conditions as characterized by shortage of high-level talents, insufficient reserved strength for connotative development and unsatisfactory pace of comprehensive reform. Stressed by President Zhang, as the new historical orientation has determined the new historical mission of higher education, taking root in China’s land to build a world-class university with Chinese characteristics and cultivating the first-rate leading talents for the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics shall be our political consciousness and consensus for school running currently and in the future, and also our glorious mission and holy responsibility as granted by the Party and the nation. As also pointed out by President Zhang, Southeast University, focusing on the objectives by Year 2020 and 2030 and regarding the fundamental issue of “what kind of person to be cultivated, how to cultivate talents and for who these talents are cultivated”, is right now taking advantage of the golden opportunity of “constructing the double first-class” university and persisting in the school-running philosophy of “becoming a world renowned university for science and dedicating itself to the country with talents” under the guidance of the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era of President Xi Jinping. Based on the school-running thought of “aiming at cutting-edge technology, serving national strategies, based on teachers and students, talent-orientation”, and the disciplinary layout highlighting mighty engineering disciplines, advantageous science disciplines, refined disciplines of liberal art and characteristic medical disciplines, great efforts shall be made to greatly boost the school’s connotative development, realize overtaking at the bend and the “1-10-100” aspiration of “the dream of Southeast University” by “remodelling the objective, deepening the reform, stimulating the vitality and leading the development”, that is, we shall strive to build Southeast University to be the world-ranking university, top 10 in China and top 100 in the world around 2030. Afterwards, as pointed out by President Zhang, the school, based on the orientation of “Year of Talent”, is currently making prospective planning, deepening reform in an overall manner and thinking seriously about where the road is, in particular, exploring how to well follow the road of high-quality and connotative development for Southeast University in the future. Therefore, the school shall take the initiative in exploration and strive to make breakthrough from three perspectives including how to well follow the road of morality establishment and talent cultivation so as to cultivate high-quality and top-ranking leading talents”, “how to well follow the road of strengthening the school by talents so as to converge high-quality and top-ranking teaching staff ”, and “how to well follow the road of scientific and technological innovation so as to produce high quality and top-ranking scientific research achievements”. In the end, President Zhang said that in the historical turning point of great national changes and the tide of the era of great national rejuvenation, we should and must undertake the lofty mission of strengthening the country by education, science and technology. He also expected to join with all teachers, students and all alumni to accelerate the progress of constructing a double first-class university, make concerted efforts to pursue the 1-10-100 aspiration of the Dream of Southeast University and strive for peaceful rise of the country, great rejuvenation of the nation and sustainable development of mankind. With joint efforts, we shall strive to accomplish the great dream of leading the future and compose the glorious chapter of pursing the top-ranking era.

Qian Dongyu, an alumnus enrolled in 1988 specializing in Environmental Engineering at the Department of Civil Engineering (currently School of Civil Engineering) and Chairman of Watech Industrial Co., Ltd.; Fan Heping, representative of teachers employed in 1988, Vice Director of Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Social Science, Director of Department of Humanities and Social Sciences of Southeast University, specially-appointed professor of Changjiang Scholar; and the undergraduate student Li Peiwen enrolled in 2014 by the Department of Wu Jianxiong addressed in the meeting in succession.  

In addition, scholarships and awards as set up by all sectors of society for the academic year 2017-2018 were also granted during the celebration ceremony. School leaders and distinguished guests present in the ceremony granted such awards to the winners. For the 2017-2018 academic year, the Education Foundation has evaluated 189 award-winning projects and assisted 2671 teachers and students with the total amount up to RMB12.56 million. All the audiences expressed their sincere appreciations, with their warm applauses, to the alumni and the award-setting individuals and institutions who have concerned and supported the cause of Southeast University.

In the end, the school leaders sang the school anthem of Southeast University together with theschools staff choir and all distinguished guests, teachers and students