Southeast University Holds the 2018 First Postgraduate Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony

By 吴婵Viewed 270 2018-04-04

    On the morning of March 31, the 2018 first postgraduate graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony of Southeast University was held at Sipailou Campus. University leaders Zuo Wei, Zhang Guangjun, Zheng Jiamao, Ding Hui, Huang Dawei, Jin Baosheng, representatives of outstanding alumni, main directors of offices and departments, department directors of party and government administration, representatives of teachers, graduates, and friends and relatives of some graduates attended the activity. Jin Baosheng, member of Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of SEU, vice president and dean of graduate school, hosted the ceremony.

   At the ceremony, member of SEU Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, vice president Jin Baosheng read off the decision of degree awarding for doctor’s degree and master’s degree by SEU Academic Degree Evaluation Committee. 409 doctoral candidates were awarded SEU doctors degrees in philosophy, economics, law, science, engineering, medicine, management, and art. 1 doctoral candidate was awarded SEU doctor of engineering professional degree. 392 postgraduate students were awarded SEU masters degrees in philosophy, economics, law, pedagogy, literature, science, engineering, medicine, management, and art, etc.. 625 postgraduate students were awarded SEU professional masters degrees in international business, law, translation, architecture, engineering, city planning, landscape architecture, clinical medicine, public health, business administration, public administration, accountant, project management, and art, etc..

    Chairman of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, president Zhang Guangjun, delivered a speech entitled striving for a new journey, leading to a new era. On behalf of the school, he first congratulated the graduate students who received their doctorate and master's degrees, thanked their mentors and staff, and welcomed their friends and relatives to the ceremony. President Zhang said that in SEU, the community of destiny, graduate students are the new force of scientific and technological innovation and the leading talents to be trained with all their strength. Students have merged academic achievements, innovative wisdom and responsibility into the 116-year history of the University. They have also merged into the school philosophy of Southeast University serving the country with scientific knowledge and talents and the spirit of the school motto of “never ending to the best”. And participated in and witnessed the course of struggle that in the past few years all people in SEU seek a layout, gather strength, reform and develop, and finally realize their dream of first-class university.

      Struggle itself is a kind of happiness. Only a struggling life can be called a happy life,” president Zhang quoted General Secretary Xi Jinping’s saying to encourage young students. He said, how to strive for a happy life? How to lead a new era with struggle? It should be the final question for students at SEU. For this reason, President Zhang and students jointly pondered the answer paper on the times of struggle, and put forward three ardent hopes: first, to lead the height of the times with struggle, to bravely undertake the mission of rejuvenating the great and powerful nation, and to practice the idea and pursuit of people in SEU “with the science known by the world, with the talent dedicating to the country” in their struggle; second, to lead the depth of the times with struggle, improve scientific research, enhance the connotation of innovation, and persevere in pursuing the extreme and depth of innovation; Third, to lead the breadth of the times with struggle, to require yourself with the international vision and historical vision, to participate in competition, with broad mind and magnanimity, to pursue the spirit of “never ending to the best”.

    Finally, President Zhang said affectionately that students are about to step out of the gate of the University and become the new alumni. Holding your head high, you will soon embark on a new journey and become the one who will lead the new era. He sincerely look forward to students achieving themselves, benefiting mankind, leading the times, undertaking the future development with lofty aspirations, unremitting innovation and broad mind, and sincerely hope that everyone in the future will continue the struggle for a new journey and lead the beautiful chapter of the new era.

    Mr. Wu Haisuo, representative of outstanding alumni, Chairman and General Manager of Jiangsu Environmental Industry Technology Research Corporation, Prof. Cheng Guang, representative of supervisors, executive vice president of School of Cyberspace Security, Yin Haohao from School of Information Science and Engineering, representative of graduates, also delivered speeches at the ceremony.

    Subsequently, President Zhang Guangjun set the tassels straight for the doctoral graduate students, issued degree certificates and took photos. At the invitation of President Zhang Guangjun, Chairman of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, members of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, including Jin Baosheng, Wang Jue, Song Aiguo, Hong Wei, etc., awarded degrees to the postgraduate students.

    Finally, the 2018 first postgraduate graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony was successfully concluded with the school song of Southeast University.