Wuxi and SEU Signed the Contract on Co-construction of SEU Wuxi Branch

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On March 6, government of Wuxi and Southeast University held the signing ceremony of city-university cooperation in constructing Southeast University Wuxi Branch, and signed the framework agreement on government of Wuxi and Southeast University’s co-construction of Wuxi branch. Member of the standing committee of Jiangsu province  technology bureau, and finance bureau of Wuxi, directors of government of Xinwu district, directors of president office of SEU, publicity department, academic affairs office, scientific research institute, student affair office, international cooperation office, national exemplary micro-electronics department, college of international students, school of information science and engineering, graduate school, SEU Wuxi branch etc., attended the signing ceremony. Deputy mayor of Wuxi, Liu Xia, vice president of Southeast University, Jin Baosheng signed the contract as representatives of both sides.

2018 is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Wuxi Branch of Southeast University.In order to promote the development of Wuxi's economy and society, to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and to give more support to Southeast University in speeding up the construction of world-class university, Wuxi and Southeast University actively consolidate the achievements of the construction of Wuxi Branch of Southeast University in the past 30 years. Basing on the principle of complementary advantages, mutual benefit and joint development,they will comprehensively strengthen cooperation in the fields of school management, talents cultivation, scientific research, transformation of achievements, integration of industry, education and research, and make overall planning and implementation for the co-construction project.

According to the framework agreement, Southeast University will givefull play to the advantages in talent training, scientific research, social services, cultural heritage and innovation, international exchange and cooperation, etc.. And it will offer strong technological, personnel, and intellectual support for the strategy of innovation-driven and industry-strengthen, and the development of economy and society of Wuxi. Wuxi will actively support Southeast University in speeding up the construction of internationally renowned high-level research universities, and provide support in policy, resource allocation, fund input, and mechanism protection. In the new round of cooperation inschool management, the Wuxi Branch of Southeast University will focus on the construction of national exemplary micro-electronics college, international unity college, international college of engineers and other secondary colleges,and a number of shared scientific and technological education public platforms combined with Wuxi's major industries, such as micro-nano platform.and municipal party secretary of Wuxi, Li Xiaomin, president of Southeast University Zhang Guangjun, deputy mayor of Wuxi Wang Jinjian, directors of municipal development and reform commission, education bureau, science and