SEU and USTC Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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In the afternoon of February 22, the 2018 Annual Working Conference of CAS Quantum Information and Technology Innovation Academy was held in Hefei. Dean of Chinese Academy of Sciences Bai Chunli, Secretary of Party Committee of Anhui Province Li Jinbin attended the conference and delivered speeches. Leaders of Anhui Province including provincial governor Li Guoying, leaders and experts of Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China, and participating units attended the conference. President of Southeast University Zhang Guangjun, vice president Wu Gang, and associate dean of School of Information Science and Engineering Zhang Zaichen were invited to the conference.

At the meeting, President Zhang Guangjun and President Bao Xinhe of the University of Science and Technology of China jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement and gave a speech as representatives of the participating units. Pan Jianwei, USTC executive vice presidentand president of the Innovation Academy delivered a working report and released the latest scientific research achievements such as quantum computers.

As pointed on the speech of President Zhang Guangjun, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Anhui province and the University of Science and Technology of China jointly establish the CAS Quantum Information and Technology Innovation Academy, aiming to seize the commanding point of the development of quantum information in the world, build innovation foundation platform that embodies national will, realizes national mission and represents the national level and play a exemplary and leading role for the construction of an innovative country and a powerful country in science and technology. He noted that the Southeast University and the Chinese University of Science and Technology are geographically close and complementary to each other’s advantages. In line with the consensus of win-win development, the two universities formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement and strengthen the cooperation on multiple disciplines and national major projects involving personnel training and research on science and technology, especially in the field of quantum information and network communications, and the joint construction of National Laboratory of Quantum Information according to national strategic objectives.President Zhang Guangjun, on behalf of the university, conveyed heartfelt thanks to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Anhui Provincial CPC Committee and the provincial government, and the Chinese University of Science and Technology for their full trust and strong support on the Southeast University. He also said that they will strive to succeed in fulfill the mission. Under the guidance of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Anhui Province and under the framework of the strategic cooperation between the two universities and the organization and coordination of the CAS Quantum Information and Technology Innovation Academy, Southeast University will give full play to its advantages in engineering, actively participate and jointly carry out relevant research and key research worktogether with the participating and construction units. We will jointly promote the preparation of the National Laboratory of Quantum Information and the launching and implementation of major national projects, and will make greater contributions to the training of first-class leading personnel and the production of first-class innovative achievements, and construction of innovative country and powerful nation of science and technologies.

It is reported that in recent years, Southeast University focuses on quantum information, network security and artificial intelligence as a the emerging, interdisciplinary direction of double first-class key construction.In 2017, relying on information security and computer science, the university became one of the first seven first-class network security universities in China.At the same time, it build the Quantum Information Research Centerto aggregate the resources of the entire university to carry out innovative researches such as quantum core devices and chips, quantum navigation, quantum precision measurement and quantum communication.With the support of Nanjing, the university integrates the resources of both Nanjing and Jiangsu province, build a joint laboratory of quantum information in Nanjing and vigorously promote the theoretical and technological research and industrialization of quantum information technology.

According to the strategic cooperation agreement, the two universities will deepen the cooperation in fields of quantum communication research and the construction of National Laboratory of Quantum Information, and start comprehensive cooperation in talent cultivation, scientific research, resource sharing, academic communication, etc.. for the talent cultivation, the two sides will give play to their respective advantages, jointly cultivate students, and realize curriculum sharing, student exchange, and mutual recognition of credit. The two universities will discuss about the establishment of teacher’s mutual hire mechanism, strengthen the construction and cooperation in new engineering. In the field of scientific research, they will develop the cooperation in artificial intelligence, wireless communication, internet security, micro-electronics, bioscience, new energy, advanced materials etc. on the basis of quantum communication. At the same time, the two universities will negotiate on the sharing mechanism to share resources such as courses, experimental facilities, technological platforms, and libraries, etc., and carry out academic communication on advantaged disciplines.