SEU Formula Fleet Will Attend 2017 National Formula Car Race

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Recently, the ceremony of Southeast University Formula Fleet attending 2017 National Formula car racewas held at JiuLong Hu Campus of Southeast University. Huang Dawei, vice president of Southeast University, director of relevant departments of the university, representative of sponsor Nanjing Ford R & D Center and all the members of the team attended the expedition ceremony.

In his speech, Vice President Huang Dawei introduced the general situation of Southeast University Formula racing team, and affirmed their work in the past four seasons. At the same time, he expressed his wishes and expectations for the three teams. At the opening ceremony for the new car, Southeast University Formula self-navigating car launched for the first time before the public. The car ran smoothly and accurately on the narrow track and won unanimous praise from teachers and students at the scene.  

Southeast University formula fleet was established in October 2013, has participated China Formula Student race in three consecutive years, now comprised by Southeast University RACING fleet, Southeast University Ford electric car fleet, Southeast University self-navigating car fleet.The main team members are above 100 people. Southeastern University's self-navigating formula fleet was founded in December 2016, is one of the first fleets to be invited to participate in the 2017 China Undergraduate Unmanned Formula race. Based on the 2016 SEU Pure Electric Formula racing platform, the team members overcame the technical difficulties in visual identification, inertial navigation, radar obstacle avoidance, and ultimately developed unmanned Formula racing car SEU17d based on the environment perception of formula track. The maximum power of the car is 50kw, and the highest self-navigating speed is 40km / h. The parameter ranks the forefront of the national self-navigating cars. The unmanned formula fleet is about to compete in the first China Self-navigating Formula Car Race.