Successful Entrepreneurs Shared Experiences with SEU Teachers and Students

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In the afternoon of October 20, Entrepreneurship in Southeast University--Sharing Forum of Successful Entrepreneurs”sponsored by the Southeast University Communist Youth League Committee, and cooperated by the Southeast University Entrepreneurship Club, was held in humanities lecture hall at Jiu Long Hu campus of Southeast University. The deputy secretary of Communist Party Committee of Southeast UniversityZhengJiamao, the founder of Guo Jin Capital, and the vice chairman of Southeast University alumni association in Shenzhen, Lin Jiaxi, members of Southeast University Communist Youth League Committee, alumni association, science and technology park, school of civil engineering and other functional departments attended the meeting.


In the meeting, the CEO of Nanjing Dsee Lab Co.Ltd., Zhou Quan, also the project leader of holographic 3D intelligent screen that won the third place of the third Internet plus Chinese College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, made a wonderful product release, and introduced new products aiming to achieve revolutionary subversion of eyeball economy. He signed investment cooperation agreement with Lin Jiaxi during the meeting. Then, the founder of Guo Jin Capital Lin Jiaxi, the founder of Nanjing Dsee Lab Co.Ltd. Zhou Quan, the partner of Su Shang FundMa Kaimao, and the chairman of JiuZhou Finance Company Li Yanwei shared their life experiences and entrepreneurial stories with students.


The deputy secretary of Communist Party Committee of Southeast University Zheng Jiamao expressed his thanks to the alumni who concerned about the university’sdevelopment and college students innovative education. He also expressed his congratulations to the graduates who achieved success in innovation and entrepreneurship, such as Zhou Quan and Sun Jian. He pointed out that Southeast University will always implement the policy of Party Central Committee and will give priority to the cultivation oftalents with innovation spirit and the promotion of students entrepreneurship. The university will hold more innovative-entrepreneurial competition, salon and lecture in order to create an atmosphere aiming to improve the university’s level of innovation. Zheng Jiamao hoped more and more students will keep with the trend, and make innovation and entrepreneurship a way to achieve their dreams.He also hoped that there would be more university alumni who focus on school innovative education and make innovation and entrepreneurship the common value of students in Southeast University.


After won the third place in the 3rdInternet plus Chinese College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, holographic 3D intelligent screen projecthas gained success both at home and abroad. It was reported by major media such as Tencent, Sohu, Phoenix, etc., and has caused heated discussion on online social media. The video about this project gained over 20 millions clicks on the internet. Southeast University Communist Youth League Committee, the academic affairs office, the science and technology park and other related departments supported Zhou Quan in different fields since he started business. The secondclassroom innovation and entrepreneurship education platform, guidance from mentors, support fund, green channel for credit and other measures helped Zhou Quan and his company achieved primary success.