Eleven Disciplines of SEU Have Entered the ESI Discipline Ranking

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Recently, Clarivate Analytics has released the latest ESI (Essential Science Indicators) data.The Pandect of the Social Sciences of the Southeast University has ranked among the first 1of global ESI databasefor the first time, which has been another breakthrough after the Neuroscience and Behavioral Science entered the ESI discipline ranking in January 2017.So far, there have been eleven disciplines of SEU in the ESI discipline ranking. The other ten ESI subjects are Engineering, Computer Science, Material Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Clinical Medicine, Biology and Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Neuroscience and Behavioral Science. All of these subjects are on an upward trend.Engineering ranks the thirty-third, the world's top 1. Computer Science ranks the fifty-sixth. At the same time, a total of 354 papers of the Southeast University have been selected as the highly cited ones. Twenty-one papers have been selected as attractive ones. The number of papers with high impact grows constantly.

ESI is the record measurement and analysis database based on 11000 kinds of global academic journals collected by the Web of Science (SCIE/SSCI). It has become one of the important evaluation index evaluation tools in the world to evaluate the internationalacademic level and influence of universities, academic institutions and countries/regions.In ESI, all sciences are divided into twenty-two subjects. From the point of view of citation analysis, SCI and SSCI papers of all universities and scientific research institutions in the past 10 years as well as their reference are compared and statistically analyzed.The Pandect of the Social Sciences covers the overall research results of all social science disciplines such as Education, Law, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Demography, Public Health and Linguistics, etc..The top 1% disciplines of ESI are generally regarded as international high-quality subjects, and the top 1‰ ones of ESI generally reach the highest level in the world.

In recent years, in the process of becoming a world-class university and building world-class disciplines, according to the 13th Five-Year plan, the discipline layout of strong engineering, preponderant science, competitive liberal arts and special medical science and the world-class discipline construction idea of multidisciplinary integration, combination among Engineering, Science, Liberal Arts and Medical Science, combination among the industry, the university and the research, and internationalization, the Southeast University improves the construction of disciplines and focuses on key points of development. It concentrates on building a number of world-class disciplines and a large number of domestic top subjects.Aiming at the forefront of international disciplines, based on the needs of the country, the existing discipline foundation and development goals, Southeast University has perfected the layout of disciplines, and conducted the top-level design of the development of disciplines. According to the development of disciplines, it has adjusted the authorization of degrees and made full use of central government funds to provide some key support for preponderant and special disciplines. It has promoted the coordinated development among Science, Engineering, Medical Science, and Liberal Arts, to form a scientific and reasonable subject ecosystem, so as to improve the construction of disciplines.