Stories of International Students || SAVO: Coming to Southeast University, Seeking New Opportunities

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China now attracts the largest number of overseas students in Asia. In 2016, the number was 440,000, four times than that from a decade earlier. And in Southeast University, there are nearly 2000 international students. Not only more and more students are coming to SEU, but also more and more are considering staying in the beautiful city Nanjing after graduation.

Savo, a 30-years-old boy from Serbia came to Jiulonghu Campus 4 years ago. His original target was to finish his masters degree. But now, as a second year doctoral student major in International business, he re-considered his future plan. I don't know yet. I have two years more to finish PhD.Maybe I will stay in China, I like Nanjing, would like to stay in here. He smiled. And he also met his dream girl in the city, who is also an international student.

Words from Savo: I like Nanjing because it's combination of big busy cities like Shanghai or Beijing, and smaller and peaceful cities. Here I can find everything. It is not so crowded and busy like Shanghai, but still provides many opportunities. SEU is a great university with long history. SEU scholars are involved into many important projects in China. I'm happy to be a part of this University. Further, I have always had good communication with the University, and have been well accepted. Finally, I have to point out great colleagues. Sharing students' life with them makes everything easier.