SEU Held the 2017 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony

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On June 19th and 20th , Southeast University held the 2017 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony at Sipailou campus and Jiulonghu campus respectively. Leaders of the university Yi Hong, Zhang Guangjun, Zuo Wei, Wang Baoping, Ding Hui, Jin Baosheng, president assistant Liu Naifeng, directors of apartments, representatives of outstanding alumnus, representatives of teachers, and undergraduate students of SEU attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by vice secretary of Southeast University Party Committee Zheng Jiamao.

President Zhang Guangjun gave a speech under the title of “Undertaking Responsibility and Leading Future”. He expressed his congratulation to and expectation for graduates. He said that in the past four years students learned knowledge and improved themselves at SEU, and they were at the same time the contributor and the witness of SEU’s development. The truly great achievement could be made only when individuals dedicated him or herself to the development of times and nation. He shared three expectations with students. The first was to be talents who undertook the obligations of our time and brought benefit to human beings. The second was to inherit and practice the spirit of Southeast University. The third was to always pursue a higher level of life, to improve personality, and gain wisdom. At last, President Zhang hoped that the graduates could undertake their responsibility and lead the future development of our age, and become closely connected to the “SEU’s dream” of building a Chinese “1-10-100” world-class university.

Vice director of Jiangsu Research Institute of Building Science Co., Ltd Yang Xiaohong, vice general manager of Shenzhen Megmeet Electric Co., Ltd Dai Xinshe, co-founder and senior vice president of Focus Technology Co., Ltd. Yao Ruibo gave speeches as outstanding alumnus. Dean of School of Transportation, Prof. Liu Pan, Prof. Chen Rui from School of Public Health, and vice dean of School of Mathematics, Prof. Yu Wenwu gave speeches as representatives of teachers. Ren Yizhe from School of Civil Engineering, Wang Zirui from School of Architecture, Liang Shuang from School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering made speeches as representatives of graduate students.

Vice president Wang Baoping read off the resolution of Southeast University to honor the 2017 outstanding graduates, 2017 the most influential graduates, and the 19th postgraduate volunteer teachers group. Leaders of the university and guests of the ceremony issued certificates to graduates who won the honors.

During the commencement ceremony, members of the Academic Degree Committee of Southeast University set the tassels straight for graduates and issued the degree certificates for them.