March 16th, 2017 The Enlightenment of Cultural Heritage

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Speeches of Chinese and Western Classic Culture (II)


When: 18:30, March 16 (Thursday)


Where: J3-105


Speaker: Sun Jianjun (Researcher and PhD Supervisor of Chinese National Academy of Arts)


Theme: The Enlightenment of Cultural Heritage - Take Handicrafts as An Example


About the Speaker:

Mr. Sun Jianjun, born in 1951, comes from Guang Rao, Shangdong Province. He is a researcher and PhD Supervisor of Chinese National Academy of Arts. He once served as deputy editor of Decoration magazine which is published by the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts, vice president of the Graduate School of Chinese National Academy of Arts and director of the Institute of Arts and Crafts. Now, Mr Sun is the chairman of the Folk Industrial Arts Professional Committee of Chinese Arts and Crafts Institute, and the member of National Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Committee. He has long been engaged in the study of Chinese folk art morphology, and has edited many appreciation albums and academic works about the Chinese national pattern art, embroidery, ceramics and other folk arts. Over the years, he has been employed as editor and writer of a variety of national key books, and scientific research projects. Mr. Sun has won the Honorary Certificate awarded by Chins Press and Publication Administration, praising his great contribution to the publication of Encyclopedia of China, the Best Works Award of moral and ideological development presented by Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, Special Award of outstanding scientific research of Chinese National Academy of Arts, First Prize of the outstanding results of Projects of National Social Science Foundation of China and etc.


Recommend Reason:

Professor Sun Jianjun has long been engaged in Chinese folk art morphology and art culture research, and edited many appreciation albums of national art works and academic works about Chinese folk arts and culture, which have great influence. This lecture will show the cultural enlightenment and the inheritance way of intangible cultural heritage with plenty of pictures of handicrafts, which will definitely arouse students interest and sense of identity to the traditional Chinese culture.