March 9, 2017 Lecture: The Most Beautiful Love Letter, The Most Affectionate Couple

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Celebration of the 115th Anniversary of Southeast University

Speeches of Chinese and Western Classical Culture


When: 18:30, March 9 (Thursday)


Where: J3-105, Jiulonghu Campus


Theme of the lecture: The loving couple, The devoted Shakespeareans - My Beloved Parents



Zhu Shangggang (Honorary President of Shakespeare Research Society of China, Honorary Director of Zhu Shenghao Former Residence Management Institution, Jia Xing)


Introduction of the speaker:

Zhu Shanggang, born in November 1943, graduated from department of electrical engineering, Zhejiang University in 1967. After his graduation, he worked in Xinjiang Peoples Liberation Army farm to accept re-education. And he also worked in the Hetian area, doing technical and administrative jobs. In 1978, he transferred back to Jia Xing woolen mill, serving as a college English teacher for a long time. In 1990, he started to take over the work of technological transformation of the factory. In 1998, he began to collect and sort out his parents information and works. He wrote and published many books, like The Loving Couple, The Devoted Shakespeareans - My Father Zhu Shenghao, My Mother Song Ruqing, The Love Letters of Zhu Shenghao, The Song of Autumn Wind and Rustling Leaves - Collection of Zhu Shenghao and Song Ruqings Poetry, The Loving Couple - Selection of Zhu Shenghao and Song Ruqings Poems & Essays, The Complete Works of Zhu Shenghaos Love Letter (Handwriting Collection), and Selection of Zhu Shenghaos Short Essays. He collected and sort out all literary works of his parents. In addition, he published more than thirty papers and articles such as Zhu Shenghaos Literary Achievements, The Original Version, Modified Version and Revised Version of Zhu Shenghaos Translation of Shakespeare,Analysis and Speculation of Zhu Shenghaos Translation of Shakespeare, and Libretto of Much Ado About Nothing of Three Different Translation by Zhu Shenghao. He also audited The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Zhu Shenghao Translating Version), and planned to publish the photocopy of Manuscript of Zhu Shenghaos Translation of Shakespeare Works.

Zhu Shanggang is the current honorary president of China Shakespeare Research Society, honorary director of Zhu Shenghao Former Residence Management Institution, JIa Xing and member of Zhejiang Writers Association. He has won the second prize of scientific and technological progress of Zhejiang Province. His book, The Loving Couple, The Devoted Shakespeareans, has received the outstanding literary work award of Zhejiang Province.


Recommend Reason:


Recently, because of the recommend of Reader, a program of CCTV, the love letter of the famous translator Mr Zhu Shenghao drew great attention of the public. Mr Zhu Shenghao is the first person to introduce Shakespeare to China, and the love between he and his wife Song Ruqing has prompted them to complete the most difficult works in the translation industry over the past century. For celebrating the 115th anniversary of Southeast University, the son of Mr Zhu Shenghao, Mr Zhu Shanggang has received the invitation to deliver the first speech of this term. The speech is about his fathers hard work to translate Shakespeare and the love story of his parents. The chance is priceless and welcome to participate!