China National Symphony Orchestra - Brass Quintet Special Concert in Southeast University

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Theme: China National Symphony Orchestra - Brass Quintet Special Concert in SEU

When: 19:00, March 7, 2017

Where: Jiao Tingbiao Hall

Concert: China National Symphony Orchestra - Brass Quintet

Time of queuing for tickets: 12:00, March 4, 2017

Place of queuing for tickets: First Floor of Undergraduates Activity Center (Jiu Longhu Campus)

                        South Gate (Si Pailou Campus)

Band Introduction

China National Symphony Orchestra - Brass Quintet is one of the most outstanding Chinese performance group of brass chamber music that has won global reputation. Every year, they perform in the National Grand Theater, Beijing Concert Hall, Peking University Centennial Memorial and theaters like CPAA theaters and Poly theaters. Their performance in Lanting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was praised by the present politicians and envoys, winning honor for our country. The band, with its members’ superb skills and artistic performance, has made great contribution for the popularization and promotion of brass chamber music in China. The band members are capable of representative works of all music styles since the baroque period till now. Their performance enhances the interaction between audience and brass performance, which let it be much closer to the public and make them refreshed. Walk into the hall and appreciate the beauty of music!


1. El Gato Montes Spanish March for Brass Quintet 

                                                               - Compose: Manuel Penella; Recompose: Jay Lichtmann

2. Killer Tango                                       -Recompose: Canadian Brass Quintet

3. The Girl with the Flaxen Hair            - Claud Debussy

4. The music from “TITANIC”              - James Horner

5. Let it go ( Frozen)

6. In the Mood for Love                          - Recompose: Zhou Hong

7. Under the Sea (The Little Mermaid)     - Compose: Alan Menken

8. Cai Diao                                              - Recompose: Bao Yuankai

9. Doraemon

10. Brother John

11. Carmen Fantasy                                  - Compose: Georges Bizet

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