June 15th , 2016 Lecture: Supply Side and Experimental Art Classes in Higher Education Reform

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When:14:30--16:30 June 15th (Wednesday)

Where:A505, School of Humanities, Jiulonghu Campus  

Theme of the Lecture:Supply Side and Experimental Art Classes in Higher Education Reform

About the Speaker:

He Zhining (Sociology Associate Professor of School of Humanities of SEU )

About the Commentators:

Wang Bing (Department Of Philosophy and Science, Professor of School of Humanities; Associate Dean in School of Humanities)

Wang Jun (Department of Philosophy and Science,Associate Professor of School Of Humanities; Associate Dean of Academic Research in School of Humanities )

About the Lecture:

Based on the reasons of history, system and culture, the present higher education system in China is still lagging behind the times and development. Higher education is confronted with new reforms, and the cultivation of innovative talents has become an important part of China’s construction of innovative power. These all need our university teachers to carry on researches and practices.

This lecture invites Sociology Associate Professor He Zhining to introduce his learning experience in Central Party School Advanced Class engaged in research and teaching for Philosophy and Social Science. A discussion towards higher education reform will also be discussed by relevant departments and teachers.