May 19th, 2016 Lecture: Probe into the Development of Neural engineering from AlphaGo

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When:18:30 May 19th (Thursday)


Where: J3-105, Jiulonghu Campus  


Theme of the Lecture:Probe into the Development of Neural engineering from AlphaGo  


About the Speaker:

Wei Yu(Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, former Vice Minister of China’s Ministry of Education, Honorary director of Research Center for Learning Science of SEU)


About the Lecture:

Academician Wei is a famous scientist and educator enjoying a high reputation at home and abroad. Academician Wei made groundbreaking work in terms of the development of our country’s bioelectronics and the establishment of subjects such as molecular electronics. In the fields of science and social work she has won several national and international awards, and has received an honorary doctoral degree from many universities in a number of countries and regions. Academician Wei is invited to return to her alma mater SEU on occasion of the 114 anniversary to do the technology frontier science lecture. This is a rare opportunity and welcome everyone to participate.